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Item No. : MPC1018W
Product Name: Multi-Purpose Solar charge with FM/LED/UV Money Detctor (New design)
Product Size: mm
Min Order Qty: 500pcs
Delivery Time: 20days
Packing: White Box
Description: The Power of the Sun
The Portable Solar Charger is a complete solar charger for small electronics. It comes with plugging accessories that will enable you to run arround 90% of all small electronics. The travelling geek can use it to run a cell phone, PDA, etc. The gadget geek can use it to run a GPS, FRS radio, two-way radio, cell phone, hand-held games, digital camera, and a portable mp3, minidisc or CD player.
*It is elegantly designed and portable. Once fully charged, the built-in Lithium-Ion storage battery which can charge mobile phone or other electronics at any time even not under the sun.
*Assemble with a high-light Flashlight and UV Money Detector. Really a multi-function solar charger.
*Built-in FM function.
*It takes 2-3 hrs to fully charge the mobile.
*It takes 10-12 hrs to fully charge the battery.
*You can charge the battery even when you are charging the mobile phone. With DC 3V, DC 6V outlet.
*0.5-0.6W Multi crystalline solar panel.
*5pcs stardard major brand mobile phone charging adaptor
*It can charge various 3.6v and 7.2v mobile phones easily
*It will enhance energe output with several together. .