Sell mobile security shelving

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specification: custom-tailored according to special requirements.
techniacl parameter(mm)
length per one space: 900
height per one space(net) : 330
width of rack in double side: 550
width of rack in single side: 450
height of rack(six layers) : 2300
product description:the rack frame of this model is designed of box pattern with comparting board between every two sections, the middle pary of each row is fixed by inclined triangle drawing line. the space between in layers can be adjusted, structure and smoother movement.
technical requirements for the paving of ground track:
1. the embedding depth of the ground track should be level with the decorated ground or 3-5mm higher.
2. when the ground track has been fixed, the level warp should be no more than 1mm in each facultative 1m's length, and span no more than 2mm. the level warp of every two tracks' opposite point should be no more than 1mm, and the parallel warp between every two track should be less than 2mm.
3. the way to fix the track:clench with M8iron nail according to the space between required(about every 500 to 700mm) at the two inner sides of the track. base of track must tightly close to the ground without any space, thus to avoid distortion when the track is burdened.