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The main products are electric/engine-powered model airplanes and accessories. The performance and quality are guaranteed with competitive pricing, which have been confirmed by our customers in the U. S. , Australian and European market.

Distributors and importers all over the world are welcome to talk business. Samples and drawings are also accepted.

Some products are still as follows(all the models are made by wooden) ,

30trainer overall length 1050mm, wingspan 1240mm, engine 2c:1521,
Gross weight 1550g1650g
40trainer overall length 1250mm, wingspan 1520mm, engine 2c:4060,4c:5270,
Gross weight 2450g2550g
F3A/40 Acrobatic overall length 1370mm, wingspan 1430mm, engine 2c:4046,4c:5270,
Gross weight 2400g2500g
SU31Scale40 overall length 1140mm, wingspan 1480mm, engine 2c:4046,
Gross weight 2600g2700g
CAP232Scale120 overall length 1740mm, wingspan 1870mm, engine 2c:120,4c:120--140,
Gross weight 3100g320000g
F3A Electron Plane overall length 1340mm, wingspan 1386mm, Out Runner Motor GLB2840, or gear brushless motor 4200KV Gross weight 1500g
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