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Name High temperature and moisture resistant adhesive (THO4095-II)
Outline It is heterocyclic adhesive which cures fast when heated. it is temperature resistant and easy to operate. No bubbles appear after curing thus making the surface smooth and bright. Its viscosity and heat resistant property is adjustable.
Applications It applies to the coating, infiltrating and encapsulating of device surface, electronic components and chips in electric engine, capacitor, thermocouples, transformers, rectifiers, electronic modules LSI and other products to protect them against moisture, chemicals, excessive heat, vibration, mechanical impact and thermal shocks. It also applies to the bonding of metals, alloy, ceramics, glass and transparent compound which work under water or in some humid environment.
Features It is one-component transparent thick liquid.
It cures within one minute when heated with the temperature 1200C for one minute.
It is resistant to shock, ultraviolet light and extreme weather once it cures because it is durable and with good ductility and low contraction coefficient.
Being heat-resistant, it adapts to a wide range of temperature and bonds well under high temperature.
Being moderate in viscosity, the surface appears smooth and bright after curing.
Apply the adhesive to the surface of the substrates directly or fill it into the gap, then heat it. . .
You'll get long term durability and resistance to moisture, chemicals, oils, and temperature extremes.
Non-toxic after it cures and it is upto the RoHS standard.
Being stable, its shelf life is one year.
The main technical parameters are as follows:
Heat resistance scope: - 52 0C+ 325 0C
volume resistance: 1.7W1015(Ohms). cm sheet resistance 2.5W1015(Ohms)
voltage withstand 28-35.5kV/mm hardness shore D85
dielectric coefficient:4.4
Tensile strength>=35MPa; bending strength>=65 Mpa compressive strength>=175MPa shearing strength>=28.8Mpa shock strength>=17KJ/m*m
Instruction 1. To get the best results, the two surfaces being bonded should be free of oils, dirt, moisture and other contaminants and should be slightly roughed or sanded to remove gloss.
2. Spray the adhesive on the substrates, put them together and apply some strength on them, heat it with 1200C, wait for one minute and let it dry
Notes 1. Better to keep the working place well ventilated.
2 . If it has contact with skin, you should wash with soap.
3. It can be stored at well-ventilated places with low temperature, and keep them away from fire. Cover the lip after using it.
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