Sell molacular sieve

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Molecule it sifts to be one silicon aluminium sour salt of crystallization, because it with one aperture and than the surface area extremely tall one, So have a lot of excellent characteristics:
(1) According to size different from beginning choice adsorption of molecule, absorb little member those sift molecule of aperture only.
(2) As to small polarity molecule and unsaturated molecule, choose absorbing nature, The larger polarity is not the higher the degree of saturation is; It choose person who absorb to be better.
(3) Have strong hydroscopicity, even if in higher temperature, heavy empty speed and under the low situation water content, there is quite high capacity of absorbing water. Main product that our companys produce at industry using already have: 3A, 4A, 5A, 10X, 13X, copper molecule person who sift variety.