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The money counter v10 is counts and adds at a speed of 800 pcs per minute and includes an adjacent counterfeit console with a triple counterfeit detection system for ultraviolet, watermark and magnetic ink verification. Ideal for protecting your business against counterfeit losses.

Product specifications:
Counting speed:800pcs per min.
Countable paper size:130x50-180x100mm
Counting range:0-999
Maximum loadable count:120
LED display:3 digits(maximum display 999)
Counterfeit detection: --uv ultraviolet detection function
--white incandescent bulb watermark verification
--mg magnetic detection function
Net weight:600g
Power source: Auto110 to 240 volts switch
(with a separate transformer)
Power consumption:5w/hour
Battery life:20 hours --- unceasing working
40 hours --- standby mode

This accessories includes the following:

-) money counter v-10
-) separate transformer
-) instruction manual
-) one years warranty card