Sell monopotassium phosphate (MKP)

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Monopotassium Phosphate/ MKP

CAS No. : 4861-19-2
Molecular Formula: KH2PO4
Chemical Name: Potassium dihydrogen phosphate/ KDP

Product Feature
Properties: White or colorless crystal, easily soluble in water, relative density at 2.338 g/cm3, melting point at 252.60 , and PH value of 1% solution is 4.5.

Product Specification/Models
98.0% in Feed Grade and Industrial Grade

Mainly used to manufacture metaphosphate in medical or food industry. Used as a high effective K and P compound fertilizer. It contains totally 86% fertilizer elements, used as a basic raw material for N, P and K compound fertilizer.

25KG Net bag lined with PP film