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It is categorized into common type, anti-crack and anti-seepage type and special type for blocks.

Modele is a high-end product, compounded by high polymer materials of thickening and strength, surfactant, reinforcing agent and plasticizing agents. As a new type of plastering additive, it is entirely different from the air-entraining agent and the common mortar additive.

Modele, which advances the technology principle of mortar additive of common type, is developed with the purpose of solving the problems of new wall material in construction and operation. The adhesion and density of mortar is increased after mixing with other substance, which thus incredibly increase post-strength and durability of mortar.

Modele products boast high water reducing rate and high water retention so that mortar keeps in the state of non-segregation, non-bottom-restion and unstratified for longer time(1~2 hours) .

Adopting mature raw materials of the urrently advanced countries, MODELE products is outstanding in waterproof and superb work performance coompared with the traditional mortar additive.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 tons per month
Minimum Order Quantity
10 Tons
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