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Adopting the international advanced technology products and technical supporting, MT type high-efficient mortar additive(QIEDELE) is a kind of low air-entraining product. It notonly boasts the features of increasing reinforcement, thickening and plasticity but also hepful to the improvement of the impermeability grading and the construction capability. Compared with other similar products of the same industry, it is more professional, more standardized and unique.

HIGH FLUIDITY: Improve to a maximum degree the workability of mortar and make it
convenient and fast for tile work.

ADHESION: It shows high degree of mobility and adhesion when the external forces
work on at construction time, which is more suitable for vertical plastering.

High impermeability: The emulsive bubbles endure the pressure that is far less
than that between briks, in such state of extrusion, the majority of bubbles
brust, which increases mortar density and improve mortar impermeability.
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