Sell mosaic-package

The photo show how we package our mosaics.

We are also an excellent manufacture of mosaics, we have one factory specializing in mosaics, which are made of marbles, granites, metals in various dimension as well as many amazing designs. Besides this, we can offer u mosaics upon your designs.

Hereof some information for your reference:

The mosaics pieces can be available in 7mm and 10mm thickness, such as:
10x10x7mm, 15x15x7mm, 20x20x7mm, 20x25x7mm, 25x25x7mm, 30x30x7mm, 50x50x7mm, 100x100x7mm;
15x15x10mm,10x10x10mm,48x48x10mm, 15x32x10mm and so forth. Pls keep one thing in mind, we can offer as per your design.