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the product adopt with european exqisite technology and transfr printing, and high temperature burn to the effect, which is cmpetitive than the traditional ceramic tile and with slashing colors, be able to bear acid and bases, non-bibulous, anti-cool and heat shrink, inflaming retarding, anti-airslake and never fade. Crystal mosaic can display its laruuping fahion taste in laying indoor which suitable to big scope and its dark and light colormatch can achieve the effect englarging the space; inlaying with different brick, its flexible feature can exert sufficiently and make the entire decoration more diversification. Besides the crystal mosaic's natural color, the joint can not be ignored eithr, the verticall and horzontally line can lure people's sight and buid the version feeling of extend infinity. Crystal mosaic can creat the diversity inlaying pattern no matter gradual change, simple or abstract effect, can emnate unique individuation style. Match freely is the biggest superiority of mosaic and with them decorate indoor, can acquire a sence of accomplishment of art creation.