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According to the researchment of professionals from the main land and Taiwan District of China and Malaysia to the living features of mosquitoes for several decades, they found that mosquitoes is sensitive to certain photons with special wave-length. Once meeting this special photons, mosquitoes will escape from this environment. It is the very advanced repelling mosquito principle that eda repeller uses to combine with the protect-medicine, eco-science, photoelectricity-science etc. to make research and produce eda photon mosquito repeller with the unique figuration of the product and advanced artcraft techonology, so that it can emit plentiful mosquito-repellent photons to repel mosquitoes efficiently and get the best efficacy.

As we all know, mosquitoes bring so much harmness to human beings. The mosquito-control products selling in the maket, such as electric mosquito-repellent incense, mosquito repellent coil, insecticide will do much harmness to human body.

EDA photon mosquito repeller repelling mosquitoes by photons has unique and outstanding characters, no smoke, no odore, no poison, no pollution, no radiation; savety and reliability, friendly-environment, has no harmness to human body and plant, can efficently prevent human body far away from dengue fever, encephlitis, Sars etc.


1) function: repelling mosquito, effectively defends the diseases such as dengue, fever, malaria and encephalitis B that are spreaded by mosquito
2) Harmless, non-toxic, non-radiation, No fumes or odors, protecting the environment
3) Safe and easy to use, just be one-off installation and switch on/off.
4) Available for using indoor and outdoor.
5) energy saving above 70%
6) good performance with above 80% efficiency.
7) the cheapest effective product for mosquito control.