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Kaijieli brand products exploited and produced by our company, including five series: common type electric motors, special type motor, generators, and water pump. Details as following:
1. common type motor: Y and Y2 series three-phase asynchronous induction motor (Y80- Y 355, Y263- Y2355) ;
2. DF series three-phase asynchronous induction motor conform to European standard EFF2 & EFF1 (DF63-DF355) ;
3. YC series heavy-duty single-phase capacitor-start induction motor (YC71-YC132) ;
4. YCL series heavy-duty single-phase capacitor-start and capacitor-run induction motor (YCL90-YCL132) ;
5. YL series heavy-duty single-phase two-value capacitor motor (YL71-YL132) ;
6. MS, MX , MY , ML series asynchronous motor with aluminum(MS56- MS 160, MC71-MC 112, MY56- MY 90, ML71- ML 112)
7. CSCR series single-phase motor with steel shell(CSCR71-CSCR90)
1. YZ YZR series three phase lifting and metallurgy purpose induction motor;
2. YEJ series three phase squirrel cage induction motor (YEJ80-YEJ315) ;
3. YB series explosion-proof motor (YB80- YB J315) ;
4. YD series polechanging multi-speed three phase asynchronous induction motor (YD80- YD160) ;
5. YG series three phase for roller bed induction motor (YG112-YG225) ;
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