Sell mouse pad with USB port (HB-070B)

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4 port USB hubs
1. Fully compliant with universal serial bus specification version 1.1 or 2.0
2. Single chip integrated USB hub controller with embedded proprietary processor
3. Supports four bus-power/self-power downstream ports
4. Driverless plug and play
5. USB 4 ports for varieties of external USB devices connection demand
6. Driverless supported with USB device driver

Stereo speaker
1. USB stereo speaker powered by USB or External power supply
2. Inner USB stereo speaker suitable for listening internet radio or stereo music
3. Outer mini microphone built for Internet chat, no need earphone
4. Ear phone, microphone output connection capability
5. Suitable for CD player, MP3 player and MP4

Mouse pad
1. Black compact panel with smoothly movement which suitable for all kinds of mechanical mouse or optical mouse
2. Blue or seven-color light flashed around the pad
3. Dimension: L282mm x W222mm x H32mm
4. Allows matching outside power of DC5V 1,000mA
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