Sell moving-head computer light, Computer Follow Spot Light , Searching light

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LR681A moving-head computer light 250W
Voltage: 200-240VAC 50/60HZ
Rated Power Consumption: 350W
Lamp: MSD 250W
Flash rate: independent 1-8 flash per second
Color: 10 colors plus white, two-way rolling effect, all color wheels easily replaceable
Gobo: 7 self-rotating gobos, special gobos customizable
Scan: horizontal 540 0, vertical 2850 , moving towards both directions mini-step adjustable
Optical System: lens with linear adjustable focal distance
Focus Adjustment: electrically powered
Advantages: precise positioning, super quiet horizontal and vertical moving
Security Protection: completely intelligent control of overheat protection and anti-disturbance electronic circuit
Signal Control: Signal DMX512
Channel: 8 DMX channels

LR685A/B Golden scan computer light 1200W
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Rated Power Consumption: 1350W
Lamp: HMI1200W
Color Temperature: 6500K
Color: 7 colors plus white
Gobo: rotary gobo wheel plus fixed gobo wheel (gobos combined into 108 effects)
Strobe: strobe, lighting adjustable, integrated design of on and off light switch, flash rate up to 1-8 flash per second
Atomizing Lens: atomizing light diffuser, heating-up and cooling-down color temperature effect
Prism: Quadra-prism, comet prism, overlapped shadow prism effect, prism self-rotating
Scan: horizontal 162 , vertical 110, smooth and stable moving and precise positioning, no shake
Signal Control: Signal DMX512
Structure of the Machine:made of new aluminum alloy and stamped steel plate, a beautiful outlook; the light head dismountable, rotating 3600 on the light body, adjusting reflection angle; two axis-flow fans refrigeration, interior optimized design, complete and good heat diffusion; built-in over heat protection and high voltage protection; automatically cutting off power after the lamp is turned on;
Security Standard: living up to all kinds of security standard, IP20 protection grade, power line living up to Grade 3 of CE20/22.
Application Area: stages over 7m high, large entertainment places, moving performance places, Disco hall etc.

LR768A/B Computer Follow Spot Light 575W/1200W
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Lamp: HMI575/1200W
Rated Power Consumption: 650/1350W
Shooting Distance: 35-45M
Strobe: 1-7 flash per second
Color: 4 colors plus white

LR2500/LR482/480 Sky rose
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Rated Power Consumption: 2600W/1350W/650W
Lamp: HMI2500W/HMI1200W/HMI575W
Shooting Distance: 1-3 Kilometers
Scan: horizontal 1100, vertical 900
Working Power: 15A
Protection Grade: IP44
Control: in-built angle swing, an adjustment switch controlling the rotation direction of the beams

LR868 Searching light
Voltage: 200-240VAC50/60HZ
Rated Power Consumption: 1000W-7000W
Lamp: xenon bulb
Color Temperature: 6200 K
Light Beam: white parallel light beams, sizes adjustable
Function: outdoor lighting, waterproof, can be positioned, upward and downward angles adjustable, device of adjusting the focal distance, can be adjusted to gather or diffuse light, high power fans refrigeration, alternative single and multiple light beams
Scan: horizontal 1250, vertical 900
Outer shell: aluminum alloy, the outer shell of plate gold, surface with insulation spray coating
Protection Grade: IP44
Dimension (cm) : 80x70x105
Gross Weight: 37-90kg
Application Area: widely used in shooing to the building wall, in large plaza, performance stages, fountain pools, entertainment places, tall architectures, fit for city night piece project

LR224C Moving-head three colors laser (RGY)
Laser power:red80mw+green 50mw=130mw(yellow) DMX512 signal control mode, multi-pieces working together in phase by a controller, adopt digital controller choosing effect, with light OFF function manual/auto switch laser effect, accurate motor, mini-step scan, precise control of 16 bit, pan scan 360, Tilt scan 270, beams can be enlarged, narrowed and rotary
( LR224A Moving-head green laser light , Feature : about 130 gobos, 30 geometry figures, 98 cartoon gobos some words gobos)
( LR224B Moving-head cartoon laser , green : Feature: about 130 gobos, 30 geometry figures, 98 cartoon gobos some words gobos )