Sell mp3 mp4 player china flash and hdd player

mp3 mp4 player china flash and hdd player
WT-202 1.5'65K OLED, full colors

Built-in Speaker, Line-in Function

1. Decode MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 8-448Kbps (MP3) , Windows Media Audio (WMA)

2. Play DMV, MTV

3. English-Chinese Dictionary, real pronounceable words, support 5-class speed voice

4. E-Book function, can read TXT file
5.E-album function, download your photos and browse
6.Picture-style screen protection, show picture circularly when play music, support user-defined show order

7.Wisdom games, rank numbers and put pictures together

8.Set colors of background and words by yourself.

9. Cartoon-style navigation interface, easy to cooperate
10. Play MP3/WAV/DMV etc. at different speed ( 5 kinds of speed)
11. Digital recording function, (128M: SP recording 8 hours, LP recording about 40 hours)
12. Standard USB disk function, support USB Mass Storage, no driver necessary for WIN98 or above
13. ID3 support: Title Display/Lyrics Display synchronously when playing a song
14. Support multi-national language, such as Chinese, English, Italian, Swedish, German, Czechish, Spanish, French, etc.
15. Offer the function for English words

16. Digital FM radio function
17. DIY start out interface.

18. ISP (Solid update function)
19. Equalizer : NORMAL / POP / ROCK / JAZZ / CLASSIC / DBB / SOFT

20. 65Kreal colors screen

20. li-polymer battery, built-in speaker

21. 75*40*16 58g