Sell mp3 watch

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1. Flash memory chip: SAMSUNG from Korea
2. Waterproof & shockproof, precise with watch fingers
3. USB disk: save voice & image files anytime & anywhere
4. Built-in low consuming lithium battery
5. Two-way for charging: A. charged by USB directly through comput
B. charged by charger, which is delicate & easy-carried.
6. The earphone cable is made by flexible line which is convenient.
7. Supporting MP3/WMA/ADPCM format
8. Removable USB, carry your data anywhere & anytime
9. high-qualitied & lasting record
10. Support present catalogue deleting, enable users to operate at will
11. A-B re-reading, helping users to learn foreign language in a easy way
12.5 choices of EQ mode and key-stock-prompt voice
13. Power saving, play up to 12 hours of music after 1.5-2 hour recharging.
14. Calendar showing ( Refer to item 818)
15. Can be hung on girdle, convenient for doing sport. ( Refer to item 818)
16. Red/green/yellow LED light indicator