Sell mp4(pmp) player  2.5" TFT 65K color display

mp4(pmp) player  2.5" TFT 65K color display You May Also Be Interested In: pmp player
1) 1.5" 65K OLED display
2) Plug and play MP4 player
3) Music Format MP3 or WMA
4) Built-in English Chinese dictionary.
5) Multi language: Chinese GB, Chinese BIG5, English, Japanese, German, French
6) Built-in FM (75108kHz)
7) Supports e-books
8) Supports Electronic digital photo album, supports photo view
9) Decode Video DMV file
10) Capacity: 128MB~1GB
11) Display 4 lines of characters
12) Multi speed playing , no abortion when speed changes
13) AB repeat function
14) Alnico panel with super small volume key design
15) Use super stable flash CMOS chip
16) Built-in Lithium battery
17) Signal to noise ratio: 95db
18) Colors available: red , silver, black, blue