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Brand: RUNK
Model: RK-821F
Appear on market time: 2005-5-27
Producs garde: better
Detailed data:

Unique movie function of MTV
The picture of JPEG browses the function
Delicate features design
Cleverly made and unique external appearance design, fit hand feeling.
Support various audio frequency formats
Such as the MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, ASF, WAV etc. music format
Upgrade the function
Provide the latest upgrade software download on the website
High fidelity radio of FM
The strong automatic manhunt broadcasting station or hands move to search the broadcasting station function, Can save 40 native broadcasting stations of different frequency, Let you listen to the broadcasting station program easily.
Record sound the function
Listen to the broadcasting station program at the same time, record the broadcasting station program that you like the recording document.
Dont need to drive the U dish function
Did not need to drive , can pass" my computer" directly to carry on the document operation in" can move the disk", did not need to install to drive in WIN2000/WINXP system.
Secret disk mode
Make use of the random supplementary tool, can divide the line this machine disk as two disks, Encrypt an among disk, conceal the space, Make keep the contents that encrypts the part at this not drive the outsider sees and reads and write, from now on can" hide the secret!
Record/r reply to read
Can pass the microphone recording and keep for WAV and the speech text file of the format of ACTs, The eligibility chooses the part to reply to read or contrast to reply to read, Carry out the real figures replies to read the function
7 kinds of musuic model choice
Nature, rock'n roll, spread, classic, soft, jazz, heavy bass
The variety play mode
Common mode, single song circulation, the catalogue play, catalogue circulation, all circulation, broadcast play, browse play
Settle shut down
Can set to sleep the mode and economical power supply modes, Make you use very convenient
Whole animation menu
Keep the animation menu of view, Make you use very convenient
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