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mp4 player
1) Plastic shell, nanometer face, humanness design
2) USB downloading speed can reach to 500Kbps
3) 8 in 1 function: MVS video player, MP3/WMA audio player, USB mass storage
disk, Record, A-B repeat, digital FM stereo radio (can save 30 channels) ,
electricity dictionary, SD, MMC card reader
4) 65K colorful screen, it can play video file
5) Electron album function
6) You can set the power on logo and standby screen as will use the any image
7) Can download e-book
8) Decode video file (MVS file) , MPEG I/II Layer 2/3 8 - 448Kbps (MP3) file and
Windows Media Audio (WMA) file
9) Supports 3 language (English, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
10) Can display ID3 and lyrics information
11) Can display frequency spectrum function in many colors
12) Except Win 98 should be install USB drive, other Windows system should
not install
13) Built-in microphone, long time voice recording, if 128MB flash memory is
built-in, providing a maximum recording time in SP mode of 8 hours, providing
a maximum recording time in LP mode of 60 hours, A-B repeat
14) Power save set, adjust brightness and auto turn down
15) Several tone for election
16) The player have large volume of lithium battery (NOK6100 battery) and
separate charging state display, can safe use for about 500 times
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