Sell mp4 player

mp4 player
1) Super strong 8 numbers game function;
2) Movie playing function that plays web film and supports MPEG-4;
3) The playing effect is 320*240@30f/s, with a 2.0 million pixel digit camera;
4) Audio playing function that can use such audio formats likeMP3/WMA/WAV;
5) PHOTO browsing function that can browse different digit camera photos that supports EXIT2.1;
6) Build-in microphone that supports LINE-IN recording;
7) . Support video recording, TV In Audio outputting, TV out (NTSC/PAL) , Game, calendar and time;
8) . Support English/Chinese language;
9) Support SD/MMC card, build-in li-battery, build-in speaker
10) 2.5 inch display screen