Sell mp4

*Movie broadcast function: used in broadcasting the network movie, support
ASF form MEPG-4, or through transforms the software to change into ASF form
Broadcast . Broadcast effect 320x 240, 30f\s"
*Audio frequency broadcast function Uses in broadcasting each kind of audio
requency form, including MP3/WMAAs well as WAV
*Photo browsing function uses in glancing over each kind of digital camera the
piture, support EXIF2.1"
*In sets at the microphone sound recording, supports LINE-IN to record
*Support video frequency transcribing, AV in
*Video output, AV OUT (NTSC\PAL)
*Game, ten thousand years calendar, time demonstration
*Multi- languages (Center/England) establishes
*Extrapolates SD/MMC Card Biggest support 1GB outside sets SD Card or MMC Card, expansion storage space
*Insets 2200m Ah Lithium battery
*2.5 Inch 26 Wan Se 1, 600 Ten thousand picture elements real colors TFT screen

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