Sell mpeg4/divx-dvd -dvd player recorder-dvr818

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Reserve to record image. (the fascinating television program is quite good to lead)

 The DVD records image. (become the DVD CD to the fascinating program)

 The VHS transcribes DVD. (the VHS change a DVD CD)

 The DV transcribes DVD. (the DV change a DVD CD)

 Inside set up IEEE1394 interfaceses.

 Inside set up whole channel a television to receive to choose a pedestal machine; Record on the DVD disc.

 5.1 tracks+the AC 3+ DTSs digital double decodings output.

 5 kinds record image quality enactment; The single key records image function; The film shears to connect to edit function.

 The single slice CD records image time the most long can reach to for 6 hours.

 Output go into carry sub- exportation:the TV/VIDEO/S carry son/fiber optic digital/together the stalk is digital to outputted/the color is bad to output an importation: The TV/VIDEO/S carries son

 Can broadcast a disc type:DVD, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD, VCD, CD-DA, MP3, CD-R, CD-RW

And permit a MPEG4/DIVX format, 1 can immediately appreciate about more than 30 films by the disc of DIVX format compression, the OK disc of small champion singer can broadcast to sing MTV song more than 400-1150 heads at first

 Can broadcast a photograph CD(Kodak Picture CD) can read also JPEG diagram file.

 Can arbitrarily from the VHS,