mr11 halogen

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MR11/16  halogen lamps
Features: 1) Base: a) MR11-GU4GZ4 b) MR16-GU5.3 / GX5.3 Options: 1) Closed-version with 3 kinds of front glass available 2) Axial-filament internal burner 3) Frosted internal burner 4) UV-stop version Advantages: 1) Energy savi....
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MR11 2W
MR11 2W : AC/DC12V .2W 500mA constant current driver . GX4 PIN . 30degree beam angle . 50khours above life time . 48hours test before shipment . replace regular halogen MR11 . Our LED procucts covers following serie....
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halogen bulbs
G9-explosive-proof halogen bulbs, Base:G4, G6.35, GX5.3, BA9S, BA15S(D) , GZ4, E10, P13.5s, G8, G9etc. Voltage:12V/24V,6V,220V, Clear or frosted. 3000K,2800K,3200K,6000K. AVG. lIFE:2000hours. We ChengDu Wonder Pensee Science &Techno....
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Halogen bulbs(MR11/MR16)
MR11 6V 5/10/15W for bicycle headlight with narrow beam and high lumens. MR11 12V 20W MR16 12V 20/35/50W 110-130/220-240V 35/50W MR16/MR11s ARE available in: 1) Sealed protection with front glass, colored or convex glad cover 2) UV-stop ....
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GU10, GZ10
No transformer required; Small volume, high brightness, superior color rendition, gentle beam; Built-in fuse, anti-explosive protection, thick metallic tube foot, reliable performance; Fitting with aluminium-plating GU10 lamp holder and cold-li....
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halogen lamp
We are a larger manufactory and trade company specializing in producing and exporting Lighting Source for 15 years In China. For halogen lamp we deal with include: automobile halogen lamp, GU10, GZ10, G9, MR16, MR11/ MR8, JC, JCD, JCDR JDR, J-TYP....
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Halogen lamps
General halogen lamps we supplied inculded single ended halogen lamps(JC bulbs) , double ended halogen lamps(J78, J118, J189, J254. . . ) , reflector halogen lamps(MR11, MR16, GU10, GZ10, JDR, JCDR. . . ) , PAR halogen lamps(PAR20, PAR30, PAR38. . . ....
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halogen lamps
JDD JDR J-TYPE LINEAR halogen lamp: MR16 MR11 MR8 dichrolc halogen lamp PAR-20, PAR-30, PAR-38 halogen lamp. Etc

halogen lamp MR
halogen lamp MR16 halogen lamp MR11 halogen lamp MR8 1000hours 2000hours 4000hours with and without cover
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Halogen lamp
***Halogen lamp MR11, MR16, MR8, GU10, G9, JCDR, JDR, JCD, PAR16, PAR20, PAR30, PAR38, J78, J118, J189, J254, J333 etc