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MR11 2W
MR11 2W : AC/DC12V .2W 500mA constant current driver . GX4 PIN . 30degree beam angle . 50khours above life time . 48hours test before shipment . replace regular halogen MR11 . Our LED procucts covers following serie....
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sell UT-MR11 LED spotlight or lamp
Model No. UT-MR11 Brand Name UNITOP Country of Origin China Product Description Optional colors: red/yellow/blue/green/white/warm white Optional LED quantity: 16pcs Average lifetime: 50000 hours Power consumption: 0.6W Pow....

Halogen lamps such as MR16, MR8, MR11
1: High lighting efficiency 2: Economical light sources and long life is up to 6000 hrs 3: Excellent color rendering 4: Spot lighting, Dimmable 5: Gas filling Xenon or Krypton 6: Color version with color(red, yellow, blue and green) front glass ....
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MR11/16  halogen lamps
Features: 1) Base: a) MR11-GU4GZ4 b) MR16-GU5.3 / GX5.3 Options: 1) Closed-version with 3 kinds of front glass available 2) Axial-filament internal burner 3) Frosted internal burner 4) UV-stop version Advantages: 1) Energy savi....
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MR11, MR16 and GU10
MR11, MR16 and GU10 are used extensively in many low voltage applications. MR11 is used extensively in fiber optic christmas tree fixtures, bubbling fixtures and so forth. MR16, GU10 is used extensively in track lighting and downlight.
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led spotlight GU10 MR16 spot light
Led spotlight MR16 GU10 MR11 and MR16 are actually the names of the bulbs themselves meaning Multifaceted Reflector. MR11 bulbs have GU4 type connection pins, which are similare to G4 pins with 4mm distance between each pin. MR16 bulbs have GU5.6 ....



Sunlight Shenzhen OPTO-electronic Technology Co. , Ltd is a professional manufacturing all various of LEDs. We are available in ultrabright white, blue, green, yellow, red and multicolor LED with different shape and size. We are aslo offer you spot....
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halogen bulbs
G9-explosive-proof halogen bulbs, Base:G4, G6.35, GX5.3, BA9S, BA15S(D) , GZ4, E10, P13.5s, G8, G9etc. Voltage:12V/24V,6V,220V, Clear or frosted. 3000K,2800K,3200K,6000K. AVG. lIFE:2000hours. We ChengDu Wonder Pensee Science &Techno....
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Halogen bulbs(MR11/MR16)
MR11 6V 5/10/15W for bicycle headlight with narrow beam and high lumens. MR11 12V 20W MR16 12V 20/35/50W 110-130/220-240V 35/50W MR16/MR11s ARE available in: 1) Sealed protection with front glass, colored or convex glad cover 2) UV-stop ....
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LED lamp
LED lamps are popular now , for it takes many advantages as following. 1) It's of extra long lifetime 2) It's also quite energy-saving. Now we have many types of LED lamps available : 1)12V LED MR11 6LEDS & 15LEDS 2)12V MR16 9/12/15/18/21/24 L....