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3NB mud pumps, which are used to circulate drilling fluids, cleaning bottom of the hole, carry the drill cuttings out of the hole, cool, clean and lubricate the bit, and support the wall in drilling operation in oil and gas field, are a kind of horizontal medium-speed triplex single-acting piston pump. It is especially suited to high press- ure jet drilling for increasing penetration rate, and it can also supply flowing drilling fluids for downhole motors to drive the downhole drilling machines and downhole tools.
3NB series mud pumps are composed of the power end and the fluid end. The power end includes the following parts such as:frame, a drive shaft, a driven shaft, a transmission shaft of lubricating oil pump, and a lubricating system. The fluid end includes the following parts such as:valve pots, liners and pistons, high pressure manifolds, suction manifolds.

3NB mud pumps series are 3NB500, 3NB800, 3NB1000, 3NB1300, 3NB1600
F- mud pumps have the following characteristics: an advanced and compact structure, miniature volume, good and reliable performance, which can meet the drilling requirements, such as high pumping pressure and big discharges.
F -mud pumps with a longer stroke can be used under the condition of low strokes to improve water supplying function of the mud pump and to prolong the working life for the easily-worn parts of the hydraulic end. The damper on the pump has a novel designed structure and a reliable performance, which cam make pump realize a best suction function.
The key parts, such as: hydraulic cylinder, crank. A-type grooved gear, etc are made of a special alloy steel and pump chassis and body is made of welded steel, which has a high intensity , a good rigidity and light weight.
A good replacement performance can make the maintenance and the service of the RGF-mud pumps easy and convenient, especially, all of easily-worn parts on the hydraulic end can be freely substituted with the parts that can be in conformity with API Specs.
F- mud pumps series are :F-500, F-800 F-1000 F-1300 and F-1600