Sell mud pump

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Mud pump: we can supply F-500/800/1000/1300/1600 mud pump which is applicable to the requirement of high pump pressure in the oilfield and large flow technology of well drilling with its solid and compact structure, small volume and outstanding operation performance. It is widely used in the oilfield, industrial and mining enterprises for well drilling, well repairing etc. It mainly suits to Rig 20-32 with drilling depth 2000m to 3200m. In addition to we can supply four type mud pump package:1. Air Cluthch Transmission: Diesel Engine + Transmission(cardan shaft, decelerator, cluth, pulley, belt) + mud pump 2. Hydraulic Coupling Transimision: Diesel Engine+Hydraulic Coupling+Mud Pump 3. Electric Drive Mud Pump 4. Chain Transmission Design and assembl according to customers' requirements.