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1. Application
The master controller QT7B series is a rugged switching device according to the IEC standards for hoisting applications. The modular design enables the switching device to be used universally.
A. It is suitable in AC 380V, 50HZ and DC 220V multi- direction control circuit.
B. The simulative controller, is suitable in DC for timing, commutating, transfer the signals and etc.
2. Working condition
2.1 Permissible ambient temperature between -300C to +600C
2.2 Height no more than 2,000 meters
2.3 The relative humidity does not exceed 85%
2.4 Degree of protection:IP54

3. Frame summarize
The master controller is made up of control device and cam switch. The joystick of the control device has three types: round, squareness, squareness with button. It works by gear drive. Operate the joystick, via the gear transmission, make the cam of the switch drive, so the opening and close of the contact group will come true. We also can produce the master controller with spring return, interlock in zero position, also can install potentiometer, rotary transformer, self-angle-cleaning device, Optoelectronic encoder, rotary encoder according to clients request.
For avoid mistakes (I. e. when impacted) we installed the device with interlock in zero position, the joystick is made of the upper and nether hemispheres, the joystick will be off the zero position until the nether hemispheres was pushed up, then it can be operated. Disentwine the nether hemisphere and continue once the joystick does not in the zero position.
The max. operated angle of the joystick is 1420, the max. actuating force is 20N, switching sequence 6-0-6. One control device can control no more than 2 cam switches. The joystick can be operated + or * shaped when control 2 cam switches, the joystick can be operated |orshaped when control 1 cam switch. There are no more than 12 contacts mounted in one cam switch normally, can mounted 17 contacts specially.
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