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Our municipal and industrial waste treatment system is a total solution to the worsening problem of waste disposal. As landfill space becomes scarce and volume of waste escalates, a waste treatment method that converts ALL residual wastes into useful by-products is urgently needed. Our garbage-derived concrete blocks can safely be used for low-cost housing and other horizontal construction projects, with average compressive strength of 500 psi (about 3.5 MPa) being routinely achieved. The organic or bio-degradable waste portion is separated from the rest of the wastes manually before being conveyed to a separate facility for composting. Compost is a valuable agricultural product and is essential in organic farming. The inorganic or non-biodegradable portion is disinfected using advanced oxidation techniques prior to conversion to construction products. Our specially prepared oxidants and additives, together with ozone and ultraviolet light, destroys all pathogens and converts heavy metals into stable forms such as hydroxides. When finally encapsulated with cement and converted to construction products, the contaminants are immobilized and prevented from being leached back to the environment.
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440 v, 60 hz
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