Sell mushroom in brine

mushroom in brine
My company can supply big quantity and good quality new crop champignon, nameko, shiitake and oyster mushroom in brine / vinegar( whole / slices) 45kg / drem, 50kgs / drum, etc Grade a, b, c, d, e, f are all available. if you are interested in them, please contact me immediatley.
also we have produce canned mushroom:
as per customer's requirement:
Canned mushroom (whole / slice / p & s)
2840gx6tins / ctn, (d. W =1930g / 1800g)
850gx24tins / ctn, (d. W=450g)
425gx24tins / ctn, (d. W=227g)
400gx24tins / ctn, (d. W=230g)
284gx24tins / ctn, (d. W=156g)
184gx24tins / ctn, (d. W=114g)