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We provide dried, canned mushroom, brine or vinegar mushroom, such as oyster mushroom, Shiitake, Agaricus bisporus, etc. , we have been in this line for year and enjoy good reputation from both demestmic and overseas clients, with high quality and reasonable price.

Canned mushroom(Whole, P&S) :
24*425g: N. W. : 425g, D. W. : 230g
24*454g: N. W. : 454g, D. W. : 250g
24*567g: N. W. : 567g, D. W. : 307g
24*850g: N. W. : 850g, D. W. : 459g
6*3005g: N. W. : 3005g, D. W. : 1623g