Sell music massage chair

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Designed with a four-wheeler driven muted massage mechanism that can move up and
down in the backrest
Programmed with six kinds of emulational massage functions of shiatsu, kneading,
flapping, knocking, synchronous kneading and flapping, and vibrating.
Automatic massage for the upper body. (Three optional areas of the upper body, the
shoulder and neck, the back and waist)
Offers manual massage for the upper with three options of the overall, fixed and
partial area with five levers of speed respectively. Under the massage modes of
flapping, shiatsu and knocking, the width between the two massage hands can be adjusted
in three levers of wide, middle and narrow. Under the fixed state, the mechanism
can be adjusted up and down to accurately fix the position. Equipped with
33 airbags with three air pressure modes and two strengths option.
Vibration massage function in back and buttocks with three options of strong, weak
and off respectively.
Music and volume adjustment function: previous and next song selection.
Synchronous music massage function: The vibration intensity and the massage speed
of the back consist with fluctuation of the high frequency part of music while
the vibration intensity of buttocks is with the low frequency. Under this state,
the volume is adjustable by wire controller.
Automatic lift function: The calf rest and backrest can be power-lifted and reclined
respectively and simultaneously.
Automatically restoring of mechanical hand function of back and calf rests.
Programmed calf rest separating function concerning barrier encounter while declining.

Fomentation device equips a jade heater that gives out infrared through five helium-neon
bulbs. The temperature is adjustable from 40c to 70c.
Soles heating functions.
Equip with extre large LCD display, MP3 player, headphones, Mini cup tray, Jade heater.

Stylish and beautiful shape, luxurious taste, comfortable sitting and lying massage