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Kongming dishes is a landmark product in Xiangfan city , the main raw material is the mustard .
Nutrients: crude fiber ----- 1.3% calcium (Ca) ---- 407mg Iron (Fe) ---- 20.7mg Selenium (Se) ----0.035mg iodine (I) ----- 0.02mg Zinc (Zn) ---- 16.3mg magnesium (Mg) ---- 186mg --- the sum of 2.38% amino acid "Longzhong card" 198-year history of "kongming dishes "---- Eastern Han dynasty, created ZHUGE Kongming pickledof law. Tongzhi 1869 ---- 9-ching, the Xiangfan "Zhengxing and" the creation of "kongming dishes "sauce factory round. ----" 1986 Longzhong card "kongming dishes "quality products have been awarded the title of the Department of Commerce. Longzhong 1988 -----" card "was the first Chinese food kongming dishes Fair Gold Medal. ---- 1993 butter factory in Xiangfan (formerly "Zhengxing and") has been certified as the Ministry of Trade, "Old Chinese. "
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