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The product is tailored for bonding all kinds of artificial nails. It is popular with ladies,
especially who love beauty very much, as its quick bonding rate, good bonding intensity, without any
solvent and easy to use. There are colorless and pink transparent liquidness glues.
1. Position the artificial nail in the center of the natural one, angle 450.
2. Apply some glue to the artificial one.
3. Press the artificial nail to the natural nails surface about 5-10s is OK for bonding.
4. Clean the left glue with clean paper. Your nail shouldnt contact with water in 24 hours.
5. Please use our glue remover when remove the artificial nail.

1. You can wipe the redundant adhesive if needed.
2. Avoid contacted with your eyes. If occurred, wash your eyes by water immediately and seek for medical help if needed.
3. If swallow it by mistake, drink some milk can make your feel better, otherwise, please seek for medical help.
4. Contact with skin and any other sensitive parts wont cause serious consequence and just washed by water is needed.
1. Keep away from children and avoid contact with eye and skin. If contact occurred, flush with warm water and seek for medical help.
2. Please store in the place, where the children cant reach, without direct sunlight and ensure the temperature below 25oC. Shelf life, 12 menthes.
5 grams in white bottle or 10 grams in colorless bottle.
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