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Nanobond Series

Brief introduction:

Bamboo extracted from nature bamboo without adding any chemical component, a real and nature earth friendly fiber.
Bamboo fiber is naturally brilliant but good for color fixed in dyeing process, fitting texture with unique mildew resistant and deodorant function. Bamboo fiber is also full with open cells which can absorb & evaporate moisture immediately to let wearer dry & comfortable in summer, Fabric made of bamboo fiber named "fabric which can breathe".


Deodorant Effect: NamLiong NANOBOND's major material is Bamboo charcoal, the functions coming from bamboo charcoal are deodorant, anti-bacteria & fungus.

Minus Ion Effect: It helps to neutralize lactic acid, balance blood PH, helps body metabolism, blood circulation, control nervous system and emotions to relieve shoulder or waist pain.

Far Infrared Ray Effect: NamLiong Bamboo Charcoal products can release this natural far infrared ray 4~10 um, which can work with the human body's existing ultra red ray to increase molecule vibration, keeping human body warm from inside.

Bamboo fiber is major applied in textile for under wear, socks, T-shirt and bedding It's not only for the reason of comfortable and also anti-bacteria.