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Power:220V,50Hz; Efficiency:<=60W; Noise:<50dB; Formaldehyde purge ratio:>=96%, Benzene purge ratio:>=85%; Dedust ratio:>=99.9%; Sterilization ratio:>=99. %, Anion concentration:>=0.8~1X106n/m3; Ventilation capacity:300M3/h; Optimal coverage area:60~90M3 ; Weight:15Kg, Size:850X400X290mm;
If you feel depressing, tired, heart-throb, insomnia, irritative odors, nausea, get cold easily, low immunity, allergy, sterility, sore throat, headache etc, please choose our products-nanometer photo catalysis air purifier , which can eliminate the sources by Decomposing:formaldehyde, benzol, ethane, acetone, xylene, carbon monoxide, ammonia, radium, thorium, kalium, sulfureted hydrogen; Purging:germ, pathogen, microorganisms, irritative odors, farina, dust, smoke; generating:negative ion. Micro-computer automatic detector, auto control system, convenient operation system
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