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Titanium Dioxide nanopowder

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Information on ingredients
CAS# 13463-67-7 Formula: TiO2 Item No. VK-T02
Two types of crystal types: Anaste and rutile;
Anaste crystal: Effective photocatalystic and air cleaning.
Rutile crystal: Effective resistance to UV and anti-bacterials.
Both crystals: Easily dispersed in water based and solvent based systems.
Non Toxic
Uniform Particle Size

Cosmetics and Sunscreen  provides highly efficient resistance to UV and reflection of visible and infrared light.
Plastics and functional fibres  improves resistance to aging, surface finish, weather resistance and brightness. Improves color and surface luster.
Coatings, Paint and Printing Inks - greatly improves aging resistance and scrub resistance. Improves self-cleaning properties.
Paper making - used in paper coating to improve printability and opacity.
Also used in metallurgy and aerospace industry.
Package 10kg/ cardboard drum lined with plastic film
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