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The Nap Zapper is an anti-drowsy alarm designed to raise drivers awareness of momentary lapses caused by sleepiness and tiredness. Worn behind the right ear it works on the principle of electronic balance. As the drivers head nods below a preset angle it omits a loud alarm signal alerting the driver to take corrective action ie, change drivers, take a break or even take a nap. The Nap Zapper is not only designed for drivers, its perfect for people who need to be on full alert while on duty such as security guards, machine operators, and even students who need to work on their posture.

Correct Usage
1. On the device is a little lever switch, shift it to the right towards ON
2. Test that it is working properly by tilting it forward, if it beeps then it is at working state.
3. Place behind your right ear and adjust, it should be placed correctly for effectiveness. Your head should not nod more than 30 degrees (the less the better) , before it beeps.
Incorrect usage may result in delayed reaction
4. When the device is no longer required move the lever towards the word
5. For the protection of the device place back in its pouch and store with care out of direct sunlight and humidity. Keep out of reach of children.
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