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1. Product:Red Radish color. (Anthocyanidins)
2. Features:A.100% pure natural, health, nutrition, extracted from natural rouge radish.
B. OPC (Anthocyanidins) content is up to 48.7%, could be added to foods&beverages, cosmetics, healthy- care products&pharmaceuticals.
C. E600--E900, suit for used in any high demand foods including grape wine.
D. With strong light resistance& good temperature resistance. , suitable for
transparent packing drink
E. Including many kinds of nutrient contents and Vitamins, Protein.
F. Suit for long time preservations and tranportation.
G. It is widely used in medicines and health-care products.
H. There is no any taste while used in your products.
3. Packing: Vaccum plastic bag with foil.
1kg/Bag;5bags in a small carton,4 small cartons in a big carton.
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