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Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) , the most powerful Rare Earth magnet available today, possesses high energy ranging from 8MGOe to 48MGOe and wonderful coercive force. As the third generation of Rare Earth permanent magnet, NdFeB products are quite a bit less expensive, and are mechanically stronger and less brittle than SmCo, also density of NdFeB products is about 13% smaller than SmCo products. Because NdFeB magnets are more prone to oxidation than any other magnet alloy, for most applications, coating or plating the magnets is recommended.
The outstanding characteristics are as follows:
* Higher unit magnetic properties than other magnet and assure you of smaller size and lighter weight in designing devices.
* Being mostly an iron based alloy, NdFeB type rare earth magnet is much more prone to surface Oxidation or rust. To eliminate such a problem, the user should consider magnet coating, plating, or suitable surface treatment.
* Being less prone to chipping during handing
* Lower temperature coefficient of magnetic properties than ceramic but higher than SmCo type rare earth magnet.
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