Sell neck-vertebra therapeutic massager

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Special Features:

1. Medium and low frequency electronic pulse therapy, infrared and heat moxibustion, magnetic therapy and pillow traction can work together and directly act on the deep tissues and bones

2.4 therapeutic electrodes on the pillow surface are against Tianzhu, Bailao and Dazhui acupoints and can simulate 6 kinds of massage methods

3. The high-energy magnetic disc which is installed on the pillow surface can give magnetic therapy to the acupoints in the body

4. The electronic pulse infrared application can warm and dredge channels, stimulate blood, disperse stasis, expel dampness, coldness and relieve pains

5. Provided with an automatic protection device, the therapeutic massager will stop automatically if it is not operated within 3 minutes

6. It uses the low voltage so that it is safe and reliable

7. It is convenient to use so that we can use it for treatment and massage at any moment

8. It can be used for many body parts so that it is quite effective and multifunctional