Sell needlel detector JC-600(textile&garment)

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Automatic conveyor type

[Range of Application]
It can be used to detect underwear, shirts, knitted sweaters, down and feather garments, shoes, scoks, beddings as well as plush medium and small toys.

[Main features]

1. ABS plastic shell.
2. Cycled,9 pairs of scnsor, excellentanti-disturbance performance.
3. Based on LED bar displayed control panel.
4. . Smart counter.
5. . Hi accuracy detection locating technology, LED indication.
6. . Alarm functions can be divided into three types, saying sound, lamplight and frequency display.
7. Optional conveying mode after alarm ; Optional automatical restart.
8. . Reliability mechanical frame design, Hi stable during detection.
9. Designed for universal AC power supply, switch power supply.


▲ Model: JLC-600/100MM
▲ Detection method: Magnetic induction
▲ Detection sensitivity: 0.8mm steel to samll scissors
▲ Detection adjustment: 10step
▲ Detection width: 600mm
▲ Alarm method: Buzzer, Lamp
▲ Belt speed: 32m/min(50HZ) , 40m/min(60HZ)
▲ Power source: AC200-240V 50-60HZ
▲ Rated output: Appr140W
▲ Dimension: 1650mm(L) *1050mm(W) *900mm(H)
▲ Weight: Appr220Kg
Model Number
Warranty Coverage
1 year