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CT-NT001products is a combined system of network testing. It is made of the CT-NT001A Tone Generator and the CT-NT 001B Probe. They apply for installing network, checking object. By connecting the signals of the CT-NT001A Tone Generator to one side of required testing network and by testing the other side with the CT-NT001B Probe, we can quickly and conveniently judge the core-wires are on or off.
As the source of signals, the CT-NT001A can send the signals of the single or dual audio frequency. In addition, the CT-NT001A can be treated the active or passive test independently. When the circuit is linked to the converter, joining the CT-NT001A can judge the link between network and the converter, polarity of core-wires and the signals of bell-flow. Short circuit at one side of the passive circuit can show the circuit is on or off by the Working Indicator Lamp of CT-NT001A.
The CT-NT001B Probe has high probing sensitivity. So it can easily trace the signals from CT-NT001A. When CT-NT001B nearing the core-wires, the network in CT-NT001A will sense the electric field of transmission signals. CT-NT001 combination is specially used in some particular surroundings.
CT-NT001B can audio-visual show the probed signals in 3 modes--luminescence, heating and both of them. The volume can regulate by VOL. CT-NT001B can also used with other source of signals
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2,000 Units Per Month)
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15 X 8 X 5 cm
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100 PCS
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110 or 240 volts, 50/60 hz
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