Sell new kind of simple tempered glass wall shelf

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produce many kinds of glass fixed- on- wall shelf or other wall bracket , rack , shelf used in bathroom, bedroom, living room, dinnering room

it is made of glass board , stainless steel accessories

the material of glass board can include smooth surface glass board , rolled veins glass board , tempered glass board

the accessories include plastic materials , stainless steel material , aluminium , wood , pig skin etc. .

the size and the shapes can be various , including various square shapes, various round shaps , various ellipse shapes , various unregulare shapes

the technic for glass board have transfer printting , paster, screen printing , fogged etc. .

it is used to decorate home or office or hotel etc . .

the packages can be colorful packages or normal white cartons .

also we can design the patterns and shapes of the shelf and the packages.

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