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Packing informations:

One grease gun is for one blow plastic case, the dimension is 54CM*53CM*44CM.
One Carton is for 5 units blow plastic cases.
The gross weigh is 39.5kg for one carton, the net weigh is 37kg.
One 20" container can have 1100 units grease gun.
1. Dimensions of Grease Gun(with battery) : 420x210x84mm
2. Net weight of Grease Gun(w/battery) : 3.15kgs
3. Dimensions of hose: 27inch
4. Dimensions of Battery: 84 x 70 x 115mm
5. Weight of Battery: 620g
6. Dimensions of battery Charger: 155 x95 x 77mm
7. Net Weight of battery Charger: 1.3kgs
8. Dimensions of total unit(w/case) : 520 x 420 x 100mm
9. Weight of total unit(w/case) : 7.2kgs)
10. Output of Grease(per minute) : about 3 OZ @1000psi
11. Battery type: Ni-Cd or NiMh
12. Voltage of battery: DC12V ~24V
13. Voltage of charger: 110~240V AC
14. Capacity:1300~1700 mAh
15. Output pressure (average) : 0~6,500psi
16. Adjustable pressure valve: 2,000psi ~ 6,000psi (factory preset at 6,000psi) Ave. operating current: 2.6 ~ 6.0A