nitrocellulose cotton

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Nitrocellulose cotton with ethanol
Specification: H: 1/16s1/8s1/4s1/2s1s3s10s15s30s60s120s Main Character: Nitrocellulose cotton is white floc and chips fibre, the density is 1.65-1.67g/cm3, can be liquefied in acet, second ester of acetic acid camphor ethanol, and etc solvent. It....
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Nitrocellulose cotton with ethanol : 1/16s 1/8s 1/4s 1/2s 1s 3s 10s 15s 20s 30s 60s 120s etc. . Category Specification Solvent Direetions Agglutinate(second) 1/8 C(25.0%) 1.7-3.0 1/4 C(25.0%) 3.1-10.0 ....

linter pulp and CMC
We are one of the leading manufacture and exporter of cotton linter pulp in china our company is reputable and sincere in market . we would like to supply cotton linter pulp of super quality at the competitive price The cotton linter pulp cotton lin....

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nitrocellulose cotton for paints and printing ink industries
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We offer to sell Cotton Linters Pulp in different grades like Nitrocellulose Grade, Paper Grade, CMC Grade etc. , as per customer requirements. Please contact us for your geniune requirement of Unbleached Cotton linter Pulp, Cotton Linters Pulp and D....