Sell nitromethane

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M. F. : CH3NO2 M. W. : 61

Physical and chemical property:Colorless transparent liquid, water solvents with PH value less than 7, and its density of 1.14. Boiling point 101.20, hardening point -290, flash point 350, ignition temperature 4150, soluble in water and ethanol.

Usage:It can used as solvent, additive for combustion, surface active agent, to make compound, polymer, resin, paint, wax products as well as for the production of explosives, rocket fuel, medicine, dye, pesticide and gas addtitive.

Product index:Q/ZXH002-2001

Item Index
Conternt >=99%
Moisture <=0.5%
Appearance Colorless Transparent Liquid

Number of dangerous goods:33520
UN Number:1261
Packaging marks:inflammable liuid
Kinds of packaging:Class IIpackaging
Packaging specifications: Plastic barrel 225KG