Sell nomex IIIA flame retardant shirt

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Nomex IIIA middle blue shirt, is made of 93%nomex, 5%kevlar and 2%P-140(anti-static fiber) , with inherently and permanently flame retardant, heat resistant, anti static performance.

Our products include but not limited to Consumer Application: Nomex BBQ Gloves Police & Military: Nomex Pilot suit/Flight Suit, Nomex Pilot Gloves, Anti-riot suits Fire Fighting: Fire Fighting Suit, Fire Fighting Gloves, Nomex Fire Resistant Hood, Nomex Rescue Bags or Blankets Petroleum & Petrochemicals Industries: Nomex Coveralls and any other working uniforms Others: Nomex Fabric, Nomex Thread, Nomex Zipper, etc.

* NomexIIIA is made of 93%meta aramid, 5%para aramid and 2%P-140 conductive fiber.
* Nomex is a trademark of Dupont USA.