Sell non-explosive demolition agent

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1. Characteristics of HSCA
* HSCA is a non-combustible and non-explosive material, its safe and convenient in transportation, storage and operation.
* HSCA is a silent demolition agent which does not cause any vibration, noise, fly rock, ash and hazardons gas during demolition.
* Demolition and cutting are allowed to be used according to working scheme. HSCA can gain a high yield for mining of granite, marble etc. its very easy to crush & remain. Reinforced concrete structures on demand during demolition. Easy to operate at job site.
2. Types and propertbles of HSCA
Types Usable(Temperature<0>)
HSCA-I(summer) 25-40

HSCA-II(spring & fall)10-25
HSCA-III(winter) -5-10

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