Sell non-leakage tire

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Amazing tyre, no leakage even after pricked. To avoid the accidents caused by tyre exploding!
As the unique manufacturer of this non-leakage tyre in the world, currently we are looking for country and regional agents for the Non-Leakage Tyre. Our agents will take charge of the sale in one country or one state in a country.
The Non-Leakage Tyre will not leak even by bullets shooting. It is suitable for normal vehicle using or for military vehicle. We can supply with all sizes of tyres all over the world for all transports.
More features:
1. Non-leakage.
The tyre is produced with advanced non-leakage technology. It will not leak even pricked. It has been proved that the tyres will not leak after pricked by long nails, and these pricked tyres can go on running for 2000km without leakage. Put these pricked tyres in water for 30 days, still no leakage happens!
2. Longer life cycle.
The ordinary tyre needs to be repaired after pricking. The tyres can run normally even pricked by long nails, which extends the useful life of tyres.
3. Working in atrocious weather.
The tyres can be used in minor 30 centigrade to 100 centigrade.
4. Many sizes available!
5. Reasonable price!
The non-leakage tyre, starts to ensure your road safety in your car.